2 to 3 Ft. 'American Pillar Discount Packs'

American Pillar 2-3ft.
American Pillar 2-3ft.
5 to 6 Ft.
4 to 5 Ft.
3 to 4 Ft.
2 to 3 Ft.
1 to 2 Ft.


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American Pillar 2-3ft.

Discount Packs

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We often receive inquiries about our competitive pricing. The primary reason for our affordability is that we grow all the trees we sell, effectively eliminating the need for a middleman. Initially, we outsourced the growth of most of our trees, but involving more parties led to higher costs. Our objective is to offer a larger quantity of trees at lower prices compared to our competitors.

Rest assured, the quality of our trees remains uncompromised despite our cost-effective rates.