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In order for your outdoor space to feel like it is truly your own, you need it to be private and aesthetically pleasing. Tired of your neighbors spying on you when you just want to relax outside in peace? We want to make the most of our outdoor spaces, but that is pretty hard to do when you feel like you are the center of attention.

One effective way to increase your privacy while also enhancing your yards appearance is to plant some fast-growing trees as privacy hedges. Dense hedges can help block out some of the noise, making for a more peaceful atmosphere. Then, you can finally relax and feel at home in your own yard.

Rest assured that when you buy from Thuja Gardens, you are getting the highest quality trees available anywhere at any price. We do not buy from other nurseries. We grow the trees we sell, giving us control of quality and prices. We are old school; we still answer our phones and do our best to answer your questions.

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