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Thuja Privacy Trees

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Our fast growing privacy trees are the most versatile and attractive trees used in the landscape. They are useful as hedge material or as interesting focal points for the landscape. Planting trees provides security and beautiful privacy screens. This easy to grow evergreen comes in a wide variety of sizes, providing a solution for almost any landscape situation. Anyone with even a lime green thumb will enjoy growing these trees.


These trees prefer moist, well-drained soil in full sun or even partial shade. Most zones of the United States provide ideal growing conditions.

Our trees grow well anywhere in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, depending on the variety. They are ideally planted in the fall, about four to six weeks before the first frost. Trees have specific requirements for sunlight, soil and climate. A tree that needs full sun will not thrive if you plant it in shade, while another that needs dry soil might die if you plant it in a wet spot.

“Full sun” means at least 6 hours each day of direct sunlight. “Partial shade” means an area receives dappled shade throughout the day, or two to four hours of direct sunlight. “Shade” means two or fewer hours of sun each day.

Make sure that your tree doesn’t cause problems as it grows. Plant trees at least 15 feet away from buildings so there is enough room for roots and branches to reach full size. Make sure that the tree won’t disrupt power lines, sidewalks and other infrastructure as it grows.

Select a site that is far enough from your neighbor’s property that the branches won’t extend into their yard. Or, talk to your neighbor about the benefits of sharing the shade from your tree as it grows.

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Thuja Green Giant Hybrid Arborvitae has been our best selling privacy tree since the late nineties. 

Thuja Green Giants are graceful fast growing trees that provide complete privacy, and requires no coddling! No tree is ever completely maintenance free, but Thuja Green Giant arborvitaes are very close. These trees are becoming more and more popular among landscapers, growers, and homeowners a like.This hardy, fast growing evergreen tree makes the perfect privacy screen!​ It's is a very easy plant to grow, tolerating almost any soil type and resistant to damage from ice and snow, as well as deer and most other pests.

The American Pillar Arborvitae has become very popular in the last two or three years. 

The American Pillar arborvitaes are the ultimate fast-growing, space-saving thuja trees.​ American Pillar arborvitaes are tall, very slender, ultra-adaptable evergreen conifer that grows quickly and looks terrific year-round. An American native with all of the vigor you'd expect, it's just what you're looking for in a landmark, privacy screen, windbreak, or back-of-the-border standout!

Selected for its super-fast growth and tall, narrow habit, this arborvitae sets the new standard for hedges.

Finally, the Tree so many customers have asked for is here!

The New Thuja Virginian arborvitae is a smaller version of Thuja Green Giant,with all her great features. 

The "Virginian"™ ​Thuja Arborvitae is a new and distinct variety of (thuja plicata x standishii). Grows just as fast as Thuja Green Giant, but grows only 15 Ft. tall x 6 to 7 Ft. wide.