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How it all started

My name is Roy, I first started growing Thujas back in the mid-nineties for my own use as a general contractor. From time to time, my partners and I would buy parcels of land to develop into subdivisions.

I found out how well the Thujas worked on individual lots for privacy as well as beauty. To make a long story short, I had been growing the Thujas several years when it got to the point I never had any when I needed them. I was selling more to other contractors than I used myself.

In the process of growing the Thujas for myself and friends I had got really interested in learning how to propagate the Thujas, this is the method of rooting your own cuttings (making your own trees). In 2004 I put a small website together myself, while still doing my contracting jobs, and not spending a whole lot of money. My wife had always called my tree growing a hobby, this venture with the website and online sales went so well that I got her blessing to grow my trees.

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Thuja Gardens Today

Well that has been around 18 years now and I will never forget how excited I was watching the first seedlings grow.

I will have to say that whatever success we have had at Thuja Gardens, a large part of it has to go to the tree itself. Thuja Green Giant is so easy to grow, has more beauty, is more disease resistant, and so close to maintenance - free (I could go on and on) than any tree you could ever pick for combining privacy with beauty.​

I'm sure you will agree with my wife as to my abilities as an author, however I am very  comfortable with what I do at Thuja Gardens. I enjoy growing Thuja Green Giants.​


Thuja Trees we grow today

Thuja Green Giant

Best Seller

The American Pillar

Privacy for narrow spaces

Thuja Can Can

Perfect tree for smaller yards!

The Virginian

Green Giant's little sister