Thuja Gardens from 1999 to 2025


How it all started

I am Roy, and I initially began cultivating Thujas in the mid-nineties for personal use as a general contractor. Occasionally, my partners and I would purchase plots of land with the intention of developing them into subdivisions.

I soon discovered that Thujas were not only effective in providing privacy but also added to the overall beauty of individual lots. To cut the long story short, after several years of growing Thujas, I found myself constantly running out of supply whenever I needed them. I ended up selling more to other contractors than I used for myself.

During the process of growing Thujas for myself and my friends, I developed a keen interest in learning how to propagate them through rooting cuttings to create my own trees. In 2004, while still working on my contracting projects and being mindful of expenses, I personally created a small website. My wife had always considered my tree growing as a hobby, but the success of this venture, including online sales, was so remarkable that she gave me her full support to expand my tree-growing endeavors.

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Thuja Gardens Today

It has been approximately 20 years since I first witnessed the growth of the seedlings, and the excitement I felt at that moment is unforgettable.

I must attribute a significant portion of the success we have achieved at Thuja Gardens to the tree itself. Thuja Green Giant is remarkably easy to cultivate, possesses exceptional beauty, is highly resistant to diseases, and requires minimal maintenance - making it an ideal choice for combining privacy and aesthetics.


Thuja Trees we grow today

Thuja Green Giant

The American Pillar

Thuja Can Can

The Virginian