American Pillar U Pickup
American Pillar U Pickup

American Pillar U Pickup

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Rent this one.This little trailer is very easy to pull with a small pickup or SUV. It is a 6 x 12 flat bed double axle. This trailer rents for around $50.00 a day.

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American Pillar arborvitae is the ultimate fast-growing, space-saving thuja tree. It's fast growth rate is a game changer for the impatient homeowner.​ Order Today and let us know when you would like to pickup!

Today's Economy is causing many of our customers to look for more ways to SAVE! You can buy the larger trees at the little tree price if you make the trip.Don't have the time, have someone else make the trip for you & still save.
Pickup is by Appointment ONLY!

The' American Pillar Arborvitae' So what makes this tree so special? The American Pillar is hardier than most other privacy trees, but what really sells this tree is its super fast growth. At a rate of 3 to 4 ft. per year, you can gain the privacy you are looking for at a very fast pace .

The American Pillar has no equal for screening homes or entire subdivisions from the noise of busy streets without spreading wide and eating up valuable space, walkways and driveways. It cost less overall than a wood fence or any other tall plant screening. Many board fences are in need of replacement or of continued costly maintenance during a ten year period. Consider the beauty of an "American Pillar" privacy screen!

The American Pillar is a new cultivator with the unique ability to rapidly grow very tall and dense, while remaining very narrow. The American Pillar fills a real need with homeowners, residential and industrial builders. We know of no other plant that has the ability to grow so tall, dense and rapid, while maintaining its very narrow stance.

In an era of larger houses on smaller lots, this evergreen will, in a short time, achieve privacy for back yards, swimming pools, and yes, even second story decks! It has tremendous potential in both the residential and commercial landscape market, and is an excellent specimen plant. Elegant and uniform, the conical habit of this thuja needs no shearing or pruning, and is cloaked in dense, dark, evergreen foliage clear to the ground.