'Thuja Green Giant Discount Packs'
1 to 2 Ft. Trees

Thuja Green Giant 1-2ft.
Thuja Green Giant 1-2ft.

This video provides additional details regarding the various sizes, assisting you in making a well-informed choice.

5 to 6 Ft.
4 to 5 Ft.
3 to 4 Ft.
2 to 3 Ft.
1 to 2 Ft.

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Thuja Green Giant 1-2ft.

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These trees not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape through their vibrant colors and textures, but they also offer a hassle-free option for gardeners due to their low maintenance requirements. Additionally, their fast growth rate allows them to quickly create an elegant barrier between your property and neighboring areas.

We often receive inquiries about our competitive pricing. The primary reason for our affordability is that we grow all the trees we sell, effectively eliminating the need for a middleman. Initially, we outsourced the growth of most of our trees, but involving more parties led to higher costs. Our objective is to offer a larger quantity of trees at lower prices compared to our competitors.

Rest assured, the quality of our trees remains uncompromised despite our cost-effective rates.