Thuja Green Giant's Little Sister

This Dwarf  Thuja is perfect for smaller yards!  Grows 12-15 ft. tall x 4-5 ft. wide


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thuja can can
thuja can can

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Thuja Can Can


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You may have came to this site in search of other small thuja trees you find available on other sites. We have grown them all, most are not what they are pumped up to be. One we tried was good except for the fact it grows only 12 to 16 inches yearly. Another one we tried in our opinion is a not a good looking tree with a really bad root system. Growing trees here at our nursery under controled conditions is one thing. Takes a good hardy, well rooted tree to surive a homeowner's back yard.

The Thuja Can Can is the only true simi-dwarf thuja tree that has most all the features that made Thuja Green Giant so popular. This Can Can is the only tree we have been able to find that looks like Thuja Green Giant and grows 2 to 3 feet yearly. We are very proud to put these trees in boxes and ship them to our customers!

Privacy For Smaller Spaces

  • Thuja plicata ‘Can Can’. Oh yes you ‘Can Can’ with this beautiful arborvitae! You Can have a gorgeous evergreen screen along your deck or patio and you Can be assured the plant won’t get overgrown. Can Can is a dwarf Western Red Cedar (arborvitae) that grows to about 12 to 15 ft. tall by 4 to 5 ft. wide. It grows in full sun or part shade in normal to moist but well-drained soils.
  • Thuja Can Can has all the features that has made Thuja Green Giant so popular without taking up so much yard space. In the garden, used as a screen, or hedge ´Can-Can´ also provides a more deer resistant choice than the eastern green arborvitae. All of these features come together to make "Can-Can´ a "can-do" plant in your garden or landscape.
  • This arborvitae has superior branching structure that sheds snow loads rather than being broken like some other evergreens. Can Can has attractive cream colored branch tips that contrast well with its existing dark green foliage. What’s more, you can do a happy dance (dare we say Can Can) because deer do not favor the flavor of this type of arborvitae!
  • We have been growing this tree 8 years and have found it to be very hardy and easy to grow. 

We have experimented with three smaller Thuja trees over the last few years and found nothing as good as the Can Can. We receive many calls from customers looking for a good privacy tree that don't grow as tall or wide as Thuja Green Giant. We call this one Thuja Green Giant's little sister!

Thuja Can Can is a dwarf Western Red Cedar that grows to about 12 to 15 ft. tall by 4 to 5 ft. wide.

Plant your Can Cans 4 Ft. on centers. (4ft. Apart) ´Thuja Green Giant´ is the perfect choice where a fast growing screen is needed with ample room to grow, while ´Can-Can´ is a better choice in smaller landscapes that still need a screen.