Your Complete Guide to Low Maintenance Trees That Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your Complete Guide to Low Maintenance Trees That Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whenever you’re thinking of easy landscaping solutions, one of the first things that usually comes to mind is trees. Trees with lush foliage aren’t just a stunning addition to any outdoor space but are also very effective to create privacy screens, creating a shady spot on your patio, or enhancing your curb appeal.

But finding the time and commitment to maintain and grow a tree in your garden is not easy. Most of us have packed schedules and finding the time to dedicate to your tree can be difficult.

This is why it’s important to invest in trees that require little to no maintenance and can thrive even when neglected.

From Japanese maple trees to Thuja Green Giants, here is a list of the best low-maintenance plants that can boost your home’s curb appeal.


Frangipani is a popular shrub that is used for landscaping and is known for its fragrant flowers and vibrant appeal.

These are excellent for adding color to your outdoor space since they bloom all summer long and have large beautiful leaves. You can easily grow this tree outdoors in a sunny spot.

These trees only require a bit of pruning to boost flowers and branching. You should take the time to remove any wilted leaves since they can drain their energy. Frangipani trees only require water once in a while once it completely dries out.

Do not water these trees in the wintertime but in the summer you can water them as frequently as you like.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple trees have lush colorful foliage that can breathe new life into any outdoor space. These trees can generate a lot of visual interest with their flowers that grow in an umbrella-shaped cluster.

These trees can easily adapt to any type of soil and can grow in various light conditions. You can water them once they’re completely dry and they will continue to grow in all types of climate conditions.

Thuja Green Giants

Thuja green giant trees.

Thuja green giant trees are extremely hardy plants that require little to no maintenance once they’ve fully established their roots in your garden. These trees are excellent for creating a privacy screen in your garden and only require a little bit of pruning and they grow into tall giant trees that last a very long time.

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