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Thuja Can Can

An excellent tree for hedges and evergreen screens. The perfect privacy tree for smaller yards!

Thuja Can Can

Are you planting under power lines?


Do you have a small yard where space is a concern?

We have the tree for you,Deer Resistant and holds its dark green color all winter long!


There are no trees that just stop at eight feet tall but Thuja Can-Can comes close. 

With an intense dark green foliage it has a richness in color that no other arborvitae can provide. In the garden, used as a screen, or hedge Thuja Can-Can also provides a more deer resistant choice than the eastern green arborvitae. All of these features come together to make Thuja Can-Can a can-do plant in your garden or landscape.

Thuja Can Can has most of the features that has made Thuja Green Giant hybrid one of the most popular privacy trees ever!

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