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Shade Trees

Fast Growing Shade Trees

Want to add some cool beauty to your landscape? Here are fast-growing favorites for shade, screening, and spectacular ornamental beauty.

A house surrounded by mature trees is simply beautiful. If your landscape is light on trees, choose one of these eight varieties to deliver shade—FAST.



Nothing beats the heat like sitting under the wide canopy of a tree (the right fit could even lower your energy costs). But if your landscape is treeless, the idea of waiting a generation to experience a tree’s shade can be frustrating. Luckily, a fast-growing shade tree is not an oxymoron, although you may have to adjust your definition of “fast.” Here are eight varieties that can be well-established within three years.

Shade trees are the largest elements in the landscape, well able to complement even the biggest house. Use them to frame your home, but plan ahead to ensure that the trees will not become overwhelming; if you have a smaller house, you should plant smaller trees than if you have a very large home. With each passing year, big trees grow more valuable, increasing the worth of your house and property.

Include some shade trees with bold fall color for an exciting finish to the growing season. As autumn approaches, trees begin breaking down green chlorophyll and storing the components away for winter. This reveals underlying leaf coloration, which was there all along but hidden beneath the green pigments.