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HIGH Fuel prices has caused shipping rates to go thru the roof!  We get calls from potential  customers most ever day asking if they can pick-up at the Nursery and SAVE?  Well the answer is yes, the saving is significant.

The larger the order, the bigger the savings!


  • FedEx ship (10) 5 to 6 Ft. trees @ $1260.00
  • U-Pick-Up (10) 5 to 6 Ft. trees @ $650.00
  • The saving is around 50%
  • Again, the larger the order the more the savings!

If you pay in advance and need to be refunded for what-ever reason, NO WORRY,NO PROBLEM.

Have a Great Day & Thanks for considering Thuja Gardens.

Thuja Green Giant is the most popular and widely-grown hedging plant off all time.

Millions of satisfied gardeners enjoy the benefits of its rapid growth and easy care.

America's Choice Privacy Tree

U-Pick Up At Nursery