thuja green giant seedlings
thuja green giant seedlings

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Thuja Green Giant Seedlings

  • 7 to 12 inch Quality seedlings
  • Ready to plant right into the ground
  • Ships in Pots - NEVER BARE ROOT
  • Ships In Early Spring

Seedling Packs

Make sure you have seedlings in the SPRING, Order Now .... SHIPS EARLY SPRING

Every project involving plant material has it's unique set of challenges which is why we do everything we can to stack the deck in our customer’s favor. At Thuja Gardens, our seedlings are of the highest quality with the best possible root systems so our customers experience a history of high survival rates and strong first year growth.

 We have been producing seedlings since 2005, focusing on root development and growing methods that support the success of our customers.

Quality Seedlings Since 2005