7 to 8 Ft. Giants
7 to 8 Ft. Giants

7 to 8 Ft. Giants


Very nice FULL Thujas | 5 tree minimum

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Thuja Green Giant Hybrid
7 to 8 Ft. Trees

These are very nice large trees.
Way to expensive to ship via FedEx

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Large Thuja Green Giant

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Green Giant Arborvitae has an incredibly vigorous growth rate, reaching up to 5 feet of growth per year under ideal conditions! If a large hedge is needed as fast as possible, this is a great option. Green Giant has lush green foliage all year, providing optimum screening capabilities.

Deer Resistant

White Cedar, Thuja occidentalis, found in Eastern states, is often eaten by deer, but Western Redcedar, Thuja plicata, is normally left alone. Since this is one of the parents of the popular Green Giant Cedar, that plants resistance to deer is well-documented.

Sound & Wind Barrier

 Refraction of sound waves occurs when sound passes through vegetative barriers and bends around plant structures. Vegetation generates masking sounds as branches sway, and stems creak. Sounds of wildlife attracted to urban vegetation, such as birds and insects, also mask noise pollution.