Willow Hybrid Trees

Willow Hybrid Trees

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  • The New Willow Hybrid

    At Thuja Gardens we grow a unique cross of Salix matsudana and Salix genetics has created a species that grows extremely quickly, usually reaching 20' within two years of planting.The species is rather disease resistant and has very few insect problems that affect the overall growth habit.

    The species does well in many different soil types, from sandy to clay soils, however the most important requirement is moisture.If water is provided regularly during the first year after planting, the root system will support the tree after the planting year.

    Your Willow Hybrids are thin when you receive them.They make a thick hedge quicker than any plant we know of.They are nicely behaved, and easy to grow. These specially bred trees thrive from Florida to Canada, in almost any soil. At Thuja Gardens we ship our Willows with well-developed roots ready to grow so rapidly that you will be completely amazed.

    Easy to grow! Super Fast Growing! Long lived! Hardy in zones 3 to 8

    Make great screens, as well as good sound and dust barriers. Do not spread by seed or sucker. Plant 4' apart in single rows for a dense cover within the first year. Plant 5' apart in double staggered rows for a very thick windbreak that traps snow in winter. Excellent where severe winds are prevalent. Prevent wind and soil erosion. Zones 3-8.


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