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Thuja Wintergreen Trees

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Grows 20 Ft. tall x 5 Ft. wide

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Hardy in zones 3 to 8


Thuja Hetz Wintergreen is a robust-growing, narrowly conical upright selection of Arborvitae with a strong central leader and compact bright green foliage that retains good color year-round. This quality is especially in areas that experience heavy snow load problems. It is an excellent choice for year round screening hedging and windbreaks.


A tall, narrowly columnar evergreen tree with dark green foliage that holds its color well in winter. Makes an excellent tall hedge or screen. Hardy and adaptable, especially for Chicago winters. Maintains its form well, but if trimming is needed do so after the new growth has hardened off in late June. Not picky about soil type but remember to water deeply during dry spells. Has shown more tolerance of shade than other arborvitae.


It forms a dense columnar pyramid of branches down to the ground. Shiny bright green foliage is coarser than other types. Keeps its color during winter months. Bark is reddish to grayish brown.