thuja virginian arborvitae

Thuja Virginian Arborvitae

The Virginian arborvitae is a smaller version of Thuja Green Giant,with all her great features. On sale today at very reasonable prices.

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  • Introducing Thuja Green Giant's 'Little Sister'

    The Thuja Virginian Arborvitae


    Smaller Version of Thuja Green Giant,with all her GREAT Features


    The "Virginian"™ ​Thuja Arborvitae is a new and distinct variety of (thuja plicata x standishii). Grows just as fast as Thuja Green Giant, but grows only 15 Ft. tall x 6 to 7 Ft. wide.

    This Thuja tree is perfect for smaller yards! Deer do not favor the flavor of this type of arborvitae!

    The Virginian™ ​is a wonderful hedging plant for today's landscapes. It enhances outdoor living spaces as a privacy screen and a windbreak. She ​has a full and dense foliage that is soft and feathery to the touch. The tip emerges fully leafed out and does not require pruning. It's upright habit also makes it a great specimen plant or vertical element in the landscape.


    Finally, the Tree so many customers have asked for is here!



    The compact size of "Virginian"™ ​Arborvitae makes it ideal for smaller landscapes which are chronically crowded with Leylands, Green Giants, and larger Cryptomerias that may reach 40-60' height and 15-20' width. We routinely see evergreens that must be removed after outgrowing their space.


    Possibly the most important feature of "Virginian"™ is the fact that it is tolerant of the heat and high humidy of the South. It has also proven to be extremely cold-hardy as proven through Northern Ohio's harshest winter in recent memory. It has been observed to have not ice or snow damage after multiple storms.


    From the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp in Suffolk, VA to the edge of Lake Erie in Ohio, "Virginian"™ ​ Arborvitae is proving to be a versatile evergreen for today's landscapes.


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