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  • The Nellie Stevens Holly is widely used as a fast growing formal hedge.


Nellie grows almost as large as American holly, so has similar uses as large-scale screening, either growing free-range or as a clipped hedge. The tree's growth is so strong that the hedge can be as high as you can manage.

Nellie R. Stevens makes a peerless hedge, not least because the growth is impervious to deer as well as ice and snow.  Also, because hollies handle pruning so well, the hedge can be kept tight at any size—or, if you forgot to prune for twenty years, you could "prune" with a chain saw to regrow the hedge from the ground up.




Enjoy Nellie R. Stevens with her evergreen leaves and red berries in the winter landscape. Nellies really stand out in the landscape, especially in the winter when other trees have lost their leaves.



Nellie's foliage is a rich dark green—similar to the color of yews, in fact, which is why this holly also goes with absolutely everything.