Murray Cypress is an evergreen relative of the popular Leyland Cypress, but has a few differences that make it better.

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    Murray Cypress is an evergreen relative of the popular Leyland Cypress, but has a few differences that make it better. It has improved disease resistance, stronger branching and some tolerance for partially wet soil.


    Another great trait is the growth rate. Murrays can grow up to 4 feet per year, making a dense screen quickly.If you need a privacy fence, this is a top candidate! It averages about 25 to 30 feet tall and grows 8 to 10 feet wide. For planting in a row spacing should be 6-7 feet apart.


    For tree growers, it is almost unbelievable that the Improved Leyland cypress grows faster than older varieties, which averages as much as four feet a year. It is more disease-resistant, will tolerate wetter soil and has a stronger root system.


    This tree looks like it is going to be the Privacy tree of the future, as with all new trees, it has taken time to get the numbers of rooted cuttings to a level so the new generation cypress is widely available. The Improved Leylands are now as readily available as most other evergreen privacy trees.



    No diseases have been observed on this variety of tree in the last 10 years that it has been evaluated. Improved Leyland Cypress has been planted from Texas to Florida to Delaware and is doing well at this time.


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    Joe Willard

    9 reviews · 1 photo

    2 months ago-

    Trees arrived quickly and packing was 10/10. Trees were very secure and VERY healthy looking. Got them in the ground the next day and so far so good! These look way better than the ones I bought from a local store. Time will tell, of course, but A++++++ for Thuja gardens from me. Roy was very communicative though the process and emailed me multiple times. Great company, will buy again if needed!

    brenda barthel

    6 reviews

    2 months ago-

    Excellent quality and beautiful trees. The trees came so professionally packed and in such a timely manner. Faster than expected. We will definitely be ordering more trees from them. We highly recommend them for all your tree needs. Thanks to thuja garden for being so awesome.!!!!!


    Natalia S

    2 reviews

    3 months ago-

    Excellent service... They ship quickly and are packaged impeccably. Highly recommend. We ordered our first set of trees 3 years ago and were so impressed with the whole process and quality we just bought more. Happy returning customers!

    Serena Reeves

    5 reviews

    2 months ago-

    I purchased 16 3-4 trees through Thuja Gardens; 3 days after I placed my order the trees arrived healthy and in perfect condition- exactly as described. Customer service cannot be matched- Roy answered all my questions promptly and after a website glitch was brought to his attention he credited me the extra money I'd spent AND threw in 16 packets of fertilizer at no cost to me. For price, tree quality, customer service, and prompt shipping you cannot beat Thuja Gardens. I will definitely be ordering from them again!


    Shane Wilson

    3 reviews · 2 photos

    3 months ago

    Our Thuja Green Giant trees arrived quickly and well packaged. They appear strong and healthy. We ordered seventeen of the 3-4 foot sized trees. My husband and a friend of his planted them two days later to get them into the



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