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Jonagold Apple Trees

 Excellent for Eating

Not to worry, any combination of these six apples will pollinate one another.This is one of the reasons
we choose to grow these six, the other reason is their popularity.

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  • Jonagold Apple Trees

    Jonagold is another success story from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. It's a cross between mellow Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan apples, and creates a great aroma when baked in apple pies.

    Honey sweet, with a hint of tartness Juicy Crisp,creamy yellow flesh. Excellent for eating, salads, sauces, and baking. Good for pies and freezing.

    Jonagolds also make great fried apples. Simply sauté in a little butter and add a touch of cinnamon. No sugar needed.

    Honey sweet, with a hint of tartness Juicy Crisp, creamy yellow flesh.

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