Honeygold Apple Tree

Standard Grows (16-20 Ft.)

Dwarf Grows (10-12 Ft.)

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  • Honey Delicious

    A medium to large sized apple that has a round cone-like shape. It is golden yellow to yellowish green in color. It frequently has a blush of red color. Its yellow flesh is sweet, similar to Golden Delicious but with a crisper texture. It is an excellent eating apple and is good in salads. Also works well for applesauce, pies and other baking.


    Growing Honeygold apples is similar to growing other apple tree varieties. Apple trees are easy to grow and keep at a relatively small size with regular winter pruning. In spring, blossoms decorate the landscape. Fruits ripen in autumn and are ready to harvest. Plant apple trees in full to part sun in well-draining soil. Make a well around the tree to hold water. In home orchards, apple trees can be kept less than 10 feet (3 m.) tall and wide with winter pruning but will grow larger if allowed. Keep the soil moist until the Honeygold apple tree is established.


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