Granny Smith Apple Tree

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Standard Grows (16-20 Ft.)

Dwarf Grows (10-12 Ft.)

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    Pollinators : Gala-Fuji-Honeycrisp


    Granny Smith Crunchy and Tart

    Tempt your taste buds with tart Granny Smith apples!

    Known for its delicious tart flavor and pleasing crunch, the Granny Smith apple’s popularity comes as no surprise. What’s more, it’s a go-to apple variety for snacking and is a favorite of pie bakers.

    Granny Smiths are great in all kinds of recipes, such as salads, sauces, baking, freezing, and more.

    Granny Smith is one of the most nutritious apples, it has 13 times more phytonutrients than other apples.


    There may be some truth to the old apple - a – day adage. It may not only keep the doc at bay but could help you drop pounds as well.

    A study published in the journal Food Chemistry found that nondigestible compounds in apples can help fight obesity — as well as disorders related to it, like diabetes, heart disease and stroke — and that Granny Smiths, which contain the most weight loss compounds, were the clear winner in the apple category.


    • Planting fruit trees is one of the best things you can do on your homestead.


    They take minimal care once they get established and will produce year after year. Even if you have a very small space you can still plant dwarf trees or grow espaliered trees in pots. If you have more space, fruit trees can become integral parts of a productive food forest. No matter who you are, you need to plant fruit trees!


    After your fruit tree and any other plants have been planted, make sure to add mulch around it.  Don’t pile the mulch up close to the trunk.  Instead, spread the mulch all the way to the drip line of the tree.  This will kill grass and break down and provide nutrients to your new fruit tree. 


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