Cinnamon Spice Apple

Standard Grows (16-20 Ft.)

Dwarf Grows (10-12 Ft.)

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  • Cinnamon Flavor

    Named for its cinnamon flavor, like an apple pie in a fresh apple. Medium size, wine red with some yellow back- ground color. Tree of medium vigor, with upright shoots.


    Cinnamon Spice apples are a good multi-purpose apple, useful for fresh eating, cooking, sauce, and cider/juice. Bake into pies or crisps, cook down into a flavorful applesauce, or use in recipes that call for onions, celery root, or cranberries in the fall.


    Cinnamon Spice apples can be stored for one to two months in cool, dry conditions such as a refrigerator or a dry basement.

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