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Cherokee Brave

Beauthiful Red Dogwood

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  • Cherokee Brave

    Cherokee Brave® Flowering Dogwood is a captivating small tree you’ll want to plant outside your living room, dining room, or kitchen window, so you can enjoy it all year long.

    Cherokee Brave's new spring foliage is burgundy, turning green for summer and bright maroon for fall!

    Giant deep red blooms are eye-catching from far away!

    Deservedly one of the most popular American Dogwoods, Cherokee Brave™ offers a bit of extra beauty for every season. Large red blooms, spring and fall foliage changes, and ornamental berries all contribute to its popularity as an understory or specimen tree in the landscape.

    The foliage opens with burgundy and maroon tones overlaying the green. By summer it is entirely green and very dense, but it turnsbrilliant maroon again in autumn, remaining for weeks before dropping for winter. Very showy!Fall color of the Cherokee Brave Dogwood is a consistent red to reddish purple.


    It is a small low-branched tree with horizontally fairly easy togrow and adapts well to most conditions. Plant in a location with some afternoon shade in the southern states. Feed once a year with a slowrelease fertilizer.

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