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Can Can Discount

Grows Only 8 to 10 Ft.

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Discount Packs


Little Giant Thuja Trees have most all the features that has made Thuja Green Giant hybrid one of the most popular privacy trees ever!

The biggest difference is size:



  • Do you have a small yard where space is a concern?

  • Little Giant Thujas grow only 8 to 10 Ft. tall x 4 to 5 Ft. wide

  • Perfect specimen tree for patio containers or smalller gardens

  • Superb hedging plant

  • Semi-dwarf conifer grows 8 to 10 Ft. tall


There are no trees that just stop at eight to 10 feet tall but Little Giant Thuja comes close. 

With an intense dark green foliage this semi-dwarf tree has a richness in color that no other arborvitae can provide. In the garden, used as a screen, or hedge Little Giant Thuja also provides a more deer resistant choice than the eastern green arborvitae. All of these features come together to make Little Giant thuja a can-do plant in your garden or landscape.

These thuja trees grow tall enough to give you all the privacy you need without blocking the light from your yard.

Thuja plicata 'Can Can' is the common name of Little Giant Thuja.A dwarf, conical cultivar with thick dark green foliage and cream colored tips. 

​Makes an excellent broad, dense screen or specimen. Resistant to deer browse.

Excellent in large containers or as a privacy screen or specimen tree.