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American Pillar

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  • The American Pillar


    The New American Pillar Arborvitae


    Selected for its super-fast growth and tall, narrow habit, this arborvitae sets the new standard for hedges. This very hardy and heat tolerant North American native maintains a desirable columnar shape without pruning, so you can quickly block ugly views without a lot of work.

    'American Pillar' Thuja is a vastly improved arborvitae with a dense well branched habit. 'American Pillar' is a fast growing variety that has shown excellent resistance to deer browsing. The glossy, green foliage has a narrow, columnar habit and maintains excellent winter color.

    The American Pillar has no equal for screening homes or entire subdivisions from the noise of busy streets without spreading wide and eating up valuable space, walkways and driveways.

    The American Pillar will withstand extremes of heat, cold, and moisture, making it a candidate for home landscapes, and screening situations in most of the lower forty-eight states.  Other plants commonly used for screening purposes, such as hemlock and pine, have diseases that are depleting their usefulness.  Leland cypress is being attacked by the lethal Cercospora needle blight which is now widespread across the South and East.  

    The American Pillar arborvitae is positioned to fill the demand for a better, disease-resistant replacement tree.


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