Planting Tips


Dig your holes half again the width of the container they were grown in and the same depth of the container.

After digging your holes, set your tree in the middle of hole.

Make sure top of root ball is even with ground level, if not adjust by digging deeper or adding soil in bottom of hole and packing it good.

Back fill one half way up on root ball, pack the fill good around the root ball.

Finish filling hole to the top of root ball & tap down real good. If you do not pack it well, it may not hold the tree up straight after it is watered.

DO NOT put soil on top of the root ball, this will cut off the oxygen to the roots.

Now comes the most important part of planting!  You need to mulch right away a good 3 to 4 inches deep. You don't want to let the rain wash dirt over top of the root ball and close off oxygen. Create a basin around each tree with the mulch, this guides the water to the root ball.

Your trees being planted correctly is the most important part of all,  its growth and survival depends on it! Be sure and keep weeds and grass from around trees, if you do not do this your trees will have a hard time getting enough water to be healthy.


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