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Well Rooted Seedlings

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Well Rooted Seedlings

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These packs are discounted based upon your order quantity. Simply put, the more you buy, the more you save.

With one of the lowest shipping rates in the industry, we’ll provide quality seedlings you expect and pricing to match. The biggest mistake made in shipping seedlings of any kind is to ship before they are fully rooted.

When shipped to soon the little root ball falls apart and you end up with bare-root plants. We learned this years ago!

We DO NOT ship seedlings until fully rooted, the only thing gained is unhappy customers.

We sale out of these seedlings ever year, we use most of these in our 1,2, 3, and 5 gallon pots. Get your order in now, these will be gone by the end of May. This is not a sales pitch, just the truth. Any we have left by the end of May gets potted up for next year. As the weather heats up these seedlings grow very fast. They have to be put in the ground or in bigger pots.


When Should I Plant My Thuja Trees?

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Make sure you are located in the right zone for the tree of your choice.

Trees that require full sun need a minimum of six hours of sun a day to thrive. Look around your yard and take note of how much shade it gets from structures and other trees. Also consider your region’s hardiness zone, which is the standard that determines which plants are likely to thrive at a given location. You can determine your region’s hardiness zone by clicking the red button.

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This year FedEx has made possable for us to ship certain size boxes at a reduced rate. This allows us to lower our prices on these packs. We pass the savings on to you, our customers.

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