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Nellie R. Stevens

Nellies really stand out in the landscape, especially in the winter when other trees have lost their leaves. Nellie R. Stevens holly makes a beautiful privacy
screen or hedge !  

'Nellie R. Stevens' makes a peerless hedge, not least because the growth is impervious to deer as well as ice and snow.  Also, because hollies handle pruning so well, the hedge can be kept tight at any size—or, if you forgot to prune for twenty years, you could "prune" with a chain saw to regrow the hedge from the ground up.

Nellies have glossy, deeply cut leaves and brightly colored fruit year around. Their ease of care makes them popular choices for gardeners in temperate to warm ranges. Growing Nellie Stevens holly trees provides you with one of the fastest growing of the hollies with branches packed with berries.

Hollies are timeless classics that make a large impact on the landscape with very little special care required. These easy-to-grow plants provide cover and food for birds and natural holiday décor for the home.


This has become a popular plant in cultivation since its introduction. This is partly because Nellie Stevens holly care is minimal and the plant is resistant to a host of bothersome conditions and pests.

The popularity of Nellie R. Stevens holly is due to its wide adaptability and ease of growth. It grows in sun or light shade where it doesn’t flinch at poor soils, drought or general neglect. Nellie R. is useful for screening or can be used as a stand-alone specimen

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