Fall is often considered the best time of year to plant Thuja trees.

Generally, late September, October and November are the best months.

Planting in autumn, with the season’s still-warm soil and plentiful rains, offers a tree just the right amount of time to establish a root system before the ground freezes.

There’s less chance of drought or sun scorch harming fragile, newly-planted trees. Plus, the cooler temperatures help encourage new root growth. And this effect is compounded. Since trees focus on growing new roots in fall, planting new trees now helps them develop more, stronger roots.

When the air temperature is cooler than the soil, a tree is likely to produce new root growth without new top growth.

When the tree comes out of dormancy in early spring, it will have a stronger, better developed root system and be in good shape to collect water and nutrients and began to grow  before the blaze of summer hits.