The Best Way to Create a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design That Sparks Joy

The Best Way to Create a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design That Sparks Joy

A traditional American backyard typically requires a lot of hard work and maintenance. Many homeowners may find themselves working entire weekends, sweating with their gardening tools, and hunched over a flower bed.

This is why planning a landscape design that requires minimal maintenance and radiates positivity all year round is important. It might seem a little tricky initially, but with a little planning and preparation, you can craft a hassle-free outdoor space that sparks absolute joy.

From growing evergreen trees to low-light plants, read ahead to learn how to create a low-maintenance landscape design that exudes modernity.

Eliminating the Weeds

Ask any avid gardener, and they will all tell you the same thing; weeding a garden is one of the most laborious tasks of gardening.

This is why we recommend growing as many flowers in your garden space as you can. Flower beds minimize the room for any weeds to grow and propagate, adding a pop of strikingly bold color.

Opt for perennial flowers like sedums, coreopsis, hostas, peonies, bearded irises, and chrysanthemums that bloom cheerful flowers all year long. Another way to prevent weeds from growing is by investing in mulch beds.

Instead of grass, you can add mulch beds which will fertilize your plants and prevent weeds from growing.

Add in Texture and Colors

a garden with flowers.
It can be difficult to plan a landscape design that is low-maintenance but also isn’t boring and bleak.

Add some oomph to your landscape design by piling color and texture together. Consider adding shorter plants in the front and taller ones in the back. The juxtaposition of different textured elements can add a lot of visual dynamism to your garden and make it look sophisticated.

Indulge in Evergreen Trees

One of the best things about evergreen trees is that they require little to no attention and grow well in challenging spaces. Our gardening experts suggest adding Thuja green giants to add a dose of character to your garden or something more colorful like the Japanese Stewartia.

These trees are also excellent for creating effective privacy screens or protective barriers.

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We have eighteen years of experience growing healthy and pest-free Thuja trees and have a range of evergreen trees, including the American pillar, the Japanese maple, the Virginian arborvitae, and more.

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