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Fast growing evergreen trees shield your outdoor space from nosey neighbors, help buffer street noise, and create the sense of seclusion necessary to make your yard a peaceful haven.  We offer all the most popular varieties. Improve the look of your landscape and invest in your yard—we guarantee you will be fully satisfied.

american pillar arborvitae
apple trees

Trees are one of the most versatile and attractive trees used in the landscape. They are useful as hedge material or as interesting focal points for the landscape. Planting trees provides security and beautiful privacy screens. This easy to grow evergreen comes in a wide variety of sizes, providing a solution for almost any landscape situation. Anyone with even a lime green thumb will enjoy growing these trees.


These trees prefer moist, well-drained soil in full sun or even partial shade. Most zones of the United States provide ideal growing conditions.

Often grown as a privacy hedge, Thuja trees grow well anywhere in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 11, depending on the variety. They are ideally planted in the fall, about four to six weeks before the first frost.

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Stewartia Trees

Trees have specific requirements for sunlight, soil and climate. A tree that needs full sun will not thrive if you plant it in shade, while another that needs dry soil might die if you plant it in a wet spot.

“Full sun” means at least 6 hours each day of direct sunlight. “Partial shade” means an area receives dappled shade throughout the day, or two to four hours of direct sunlight. “Shade” means two or fewer hours of sun each day.

Make sure that your tree doesn’t cause problems as it grows. Plant trees at least 15 feet away from buildings so there is enough room for roots and branches to reach full size. Make sure that the tree won’t disrupt power lines, sidewalks and other infrastructure as it grows.

Select a site that is far enough from your neighbor’s property that the branches won’t extend into their yard. Or, talk to your neighbor about the benefits of sharing the shade from your tree as it grows.

Fertilizer Tips :

Depending on rainfall, water evergreens through late fall. The best time to fertilize your evergreens is before new growth expands, around early April to about mid-July. Don't apply fertilizer later than mid-July as this will stimulate new growth late in the season.

Quick facts :

  • Foliage color, lack of flowering or overall vigor can be signs of when fertilizer is needed.

  • If growth rate and needle color are normal for a particular variety, fertilization is not necessary.

  • It is not unusual for newly transplanted evergreens to exhibit slow growth until they're re-established.

  • In many landscapes, evergreens also benefit from fertilizer you apply to the lawn.

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