Lombardy Poplar is a specially-chosen form of the black poplar,
familiar from European art and holidays. Its wonderful narrow
upright form is sure to please everyone and makes a perfect
tall accent in your garden. With an amazing growth rate of six
feet or more a year, this is the ideal tree for a quick privacy
screen.  With that kind of growth your screen will be thick and
dense before you know it.

This beautiful tree catches everyone’s attention and makes a
real statement on your property. It is especially useful for an
instant screen while the rest of your planning becomes
established and matures.
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Lombardy Poplar
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4 to 5 feet trees
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6 to 10 trees @ $8.50 ea.
11 or more trees @ $5.25 ea.
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Bare-Root Planting Tips
All bareroot orders are dug fresh and shipped November to May.

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Thuja Gardens
Lombardy Poplars
Lombardy poplars are fast-growing trees,
growing as much as 6 feet per year!
Fast grower! An improved variety of Lombardy Poplar that is more
disease resistant and longer lived. A tall, fast grower, Lombardy Poplar
quickly grows 40-50' high. Plant 5-6' apart for screening, windbreaks
and backgrounds.