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Bare-Root Planting Tips
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Willow Hybrids
Salix Alba Matsudunna
Willow Hybrid Trees are a great choice
to create privacy or shade FAST!    -   
Plant 3 to 4 feet Apart
Do you have
Block their view FAST!  
Create PRIVACY in one growing season.
NOW you truly can have a dense 10 to 12 feet high privacy screen in only 1 year.
The New Willow Hybrid - At Thuja Gardens we grow a unique cross of Salix matsudana and Salix alba creating Salix
matsudana x alba. This amazing combination of genetics has created a species that grows extremely quickly, usually reaching
20' within two years of planting.The species is rather disease resistant and has very few insect problems that affect the overall
growth habit. The species does well in many different soil types, from sandy to clay soils, however the most important
requirement is moisture.If water is provided regularly during the first year after planting, the root system will support the tree
after the planting year.
Easy to grow! Super Fast Growing! Long lived! Hardy in zones 3 to 8
Make great screens, as well as good sound and dust barriers. Do not spread by seed or sucher. Plant 3' apart in single rows for a dense cover within
the first year. Plant 5' apart in double staggered rows for a very thick windbreak that traps snow in winter. Excellent where severe winds are prevalent.
Prevent wind and soil erosion  -   Zones 3-8   -   Ships 4 to 5 Feet tall
buy a 5 pack @ $57.25
thats only $11.45 ea.
buy a 10 pack @ $82.50
thats only $10.45 ea.
buy a 25 pack $160.55
4 to 5 feet ships bare-root
buy a 50 pack @ $275.00
4 to 5 feet ships bare-root
Plant Willow Hybrids 3 to 4 feet apart for privacy screens or windbrakes
Plant 4 ft.
DO NOT let dry out during the first growing season. You cannot over water Willow Hybrids
Ships 4 to 5 Feet Tall, Gives you a head-start over smaller seedlings!
These are the fastest growing trees we know of for shade, privacy, wind protection and soil conservation. Grow up to 1/3
faster than our hybrid poplars! Small, one foot cuttings planted at a university reached from 14-20 feet the first year! Hybrid Willows
are very hardy, very disease resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They survived in most areas of Canada (even in
arctic weather) and grow as far south as Florida!
Excellent for landscaping! Thrive in dry soils and help dry out boggy land. Tall and
upright growing without brittle wood. Often reach 35-45 feet tall with lateral branches from the ground up planted as a hedge.

Planted alone they grow 50-75 feet tall. Provide a full dense cover that makes them ideal for shelter belts.Life span of 70 years under
good conditions. Fastest growth is in the first five years.
Fastest Growing Tree on  PLANET EARTH!
Salix Alba Matsudunna
All willow hybrids are deciduous (loose leaves in Fall) not evergreen.
Willows will be back in Stock in November 2016
Our Willow Hybrids ship November thur Early April ONLY!
For the very best results, allways plant Willow Hybrids in Feb. or March