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Lirodendron tulipifera or tulip tree a fast growing large shade tree that can reach
15 to 20 feet over a 6 to 8 year period.As a specimen tree on a large property it
has great beauty and in fall can be spectacular.
Hummingbirds are drawn to
the nectar
in tulip trees' flowers, while bobwhites, rabbits, squirrels and other
animals feed on the seed.
Tulip tree actually is not a poplar, but a member of the magnolia family. The leaves
are tulip-shaped, alternate, and simple.The leaf is smooth on both surfaces,dark green
and lustrous above,pale and often with a slight whitish bloom beneath.

Twigs are moderately stout,olive-brown,to reddish brown,very smooth and usually
lustrous;the large terminal bud has two large duck-bill shaped scales.

Tulip poplar produces tulip-shaped, light greenish-yellow flowers from April
to June.

The bark on younger trunks and branches is quite smooth, light ashy-gray with very
shallow, longitudinal, whitish furrows.With age the bark becomes very thick,having
deep interlacing furrows and rather narrow rounded ridges.

Tulip poplar makes a desirable street, shade, or ornamental tree but the large
size it attains makes it unsuited for many sites. Its good points for aesthetic use are:
(1) rapid growth (2) pyramidal form (3) resistance to insect and disease damage (4)
unusual leaves and attractive flowers, and (5) yellow autumnal color.
This species has some wildlife value. The fruits provide food for squirrels in the late fall
and winter months, and the white-tailed deer often browse on the seeds.
Tulip Tree
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Tulip Tree
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