BEWARE, some nurseries use scare tactics in their
sales pitch to steer people away from small Thuja
Green Giant seedlings in order to push their larger
trees.They claim small liners are not well rooted
and will not grow much the first year,this is simply
not true.

You should see 18 to 24 inches of growth the first
year,then 3 to 4 feet a year after that.
Thuja Green Giant - small seedlings
Small Thuja Seedlings 12 to 16 inch.

25 Pack  @ $99.95          26 to 50 @ $3.00 ea.

51 to 99 @ $2.50 ea.          100 + @ $2.00 ea.
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The best way to plant is to till the ground from one end of your planting
to the other (6 to 8 inches deep). Spread some compost or cow manure
on top of the tillered ground and tiller in good.Now,put a stake in the
ground at each end of your planting. Pull a string from one stake to the

Mark your holes with a can of spray paint ever 4 to 5 feet.Now,you can
make your holes by hand. Add mulch 3 to 4 inches deep. Water in well
after planting. You can dig your holes with post hole diggers,6 inches
round if you like.