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Japanese 'Stewartia'
Considered one of the most sought
after ornamental trees in the industry!
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Japanese Stewartia

Truly a year-round tree, this slow grower is an exquisite front-yard

Easy to grow and very handsome, it's a fine specimen planting or
standout for the shrub border.
If you're looking for a stately (but relatively small) tree that looks great year-round, consider this fine Japanese Stewartia, which greets
each new season with a fresh display of color and texture. In spring, the large, toothy leaves emerge; in summer, Camellia-like white
blooms; in fall, brilliant foliage color changes; and in winter, stunning peeling bark in all shades of orange, brown, and gray!
Easy to
grow and very handsome, it's a fine specimen planting or standout for the shrub border.

The Rose-like flowers of creamy white with frilly yellow centers give this plant its species name of "pseudocamellia," and they arise in the
middle of summer -- very unusual for any tree, and utterly charming! About 2 to 2½ inches wide, they open in pairs and clusters, really
standing out before the large, bright green foliage. The blooms are sweetly fragrant, perfuming the air for many weeks!

When the fall weather arrives, the foliage turns all shades of yellow, red, and purple -- a spectacular display! It's hard to mourn the
passing of all this color, though, because when the leaves finally drop, the bark is revealed to be peeling off in big, showy patches of gray,
brown, and orange. Of course, these patches remain year-round, but they don't stand out until the landscape is bare and needs a jolt of
unusual color and texture!

Japanese Stewartia is a slow-growing, upright tree, reaching only 8 feet tall after 5 years' growth, and eventually topping out at 30 feet
high and about 18 feet wide. It is dense and well-branched, with an almost columnar look. It makes a fine backdrop to Oakleaf
Hydrangeas, and is superb as a solitary specimen in a special place of honor.
Give this tree morning sun and light afternoon shade for best flowering and color. It is not fussy
about soil provided the drainage is good, and is quite tolerant of hot, humid weather. Space trees
about 15 feet apart for a solid line of coverage. Zones 5-8.

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This lovely tree will grace your yard for generations to come.
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japanese 'Stewartia'
4 to 5 feet 1 tree @ $66.95
buy 2 or more @ $52.50 ea.
Japanese stewartia is most definitely a specimen tree.  
Plant it in a place of honor on your garden where you can
enjoy it all year long.
How can a tree that offers so much require so little? Plant
Stewartia in well-drained humus rich soil in a sunny spot
with some afternoon shade and you will be rewarded with
years of stunning beauty. It reaches 30-40 feet at maturity
and has no major disease or pest problems. It is somewhat
pricey, but the distinct contribution it provides to the
four-season landscape makes it a garden gem.