This is a very fast growing, dark green evergreen tree. It does very well on a wide variety of sites. It can tolerate wet
sights better than Leyland Cypress.

The tree has great potential as a privacy tree for it will reach maturity a year earlier than the Leyland Cypress on most sites. It
has stronger branches and is darker green than Leyland Cypress. Murray - X has been planted from Texas to Florida to
Delaware and is doing well at this time.

The tree should make a major contribution to the landscape tree industry. It is possible that diseases might increase on other
cypress varieties and not on this variety. As a landscape tree it should do well because of its toughness, color, site tolerance
and fast rate of growth......
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This man-made tree has very quickly became a landscape favorite. Foliage is dense, with flat, soft needles. The Murray Cypress
does have a pleasing aroma.Murrays will tolerate a wide range of soil types from clay to sand, acid to alkaline. It grows well in
full sun, but tolerates partial shade. Growth is best when moisture is adequate, but it is also drought tolerant and suitable for
dry sites. Classified hardy to
USDA Hardiness Zone 6 to 10.

Murrays do grow a little faster than Leylands...Thats FAST!   You will never be sorry you planted Murrays.
Thuja Gardens
Murray Cypress
We have found this tree to grow even faster than  Leyland Cypress,Thats FAST!  
Grows 3 to 4 feet yearly - Grows 8 to 10 ft. wide x 25 to 30 ft. tall - Space 5 to 6 ft. apart
Handles snow and ice much better than Leylands  
Stands up to high winds exceptionally well!
Murray Cypress hold their color year round.
Plant 5 to 6 feet apart for a nice tight Privacy screen - Zones 6 to 10
Murray Cypress
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Murray Cypress
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Most all landscape contractors as well as the nursery industry is growing the Murray Cypress in place of the long time popular
Leyland Cypress.

The Murray Cypress is a new derivative of the Leyland Cypress and is quickly catching on in many landscapes.

Murray Cypress is slightly "blue-er" than a Leyland, with stronger limbs and a better root system.  

The Murray X Cypress is a finer textured selection and grows faster without the disease problems of Leyland Cypress. They
are also drought  tolerant.
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30 or more Quart-Size
12 to 16 inch Murrays
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8 to 12 inch
buy 100 + @ $2.10 ea.
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(2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3)

Can be sucusesfuly
planted straight into the
ground. Very well rooted.
Fastest growing of all
Evergreen trees!
Murray Cypress