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Crapemyrtles selections are a dime a dozen. There
are hundreds of them, and to have one that truly
stands out from the crowd is unusual.

Dynamite Crapemyrtle, with the brightest red
flowers of any crapemyrtle selection, is one of these

The bright red, some describe it as a cherry red, flowers appear in
midsummer on terminal shoots in panicles capable of reaching a foot in
length. The dark red, crape-like blooms occasionally are flecked with a
few petals of white, which only serve to heighten the intensity of the

As a crapemyrtle Dynamite is considered one of the
best because of the bright red flowers and its
superior powdery mildew resistance. Like all
crapemyrtles, it has outstanding drought tolerance.

Developed by Oaklahoma's Dr. Carl Whitcomb in 1998, 'Dynamite'
produces abundant clusters of absolutely spectacular deep red flowers
from crimson buds they will enliven your garden from mid summer
until autumn. The blooms can reach 15 inches long and of course
have the crape paper look that we love.
The foliage starts as a deep burgundy in the
spring and changes into a dark green by the end
of summer. The leaves are very large,
semi-glossy very thick and mildew resistant. In
the fall the foliage turns from orange to red.

'Dynamite' exfoliates it's old gray bark to reveal
the new light brown smooth bark underneath.
Plant as a specimen tree; prune into a large
multi-stemmed shrub, or plant several in a row to
create a unique privacy hedge.
Dynamite is most popular for it's
deep dark cherry-red blooms!
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You'll get some of the brightest red blooms of any tree... typically lasting a full 120 days… from spring to fall.

One of our customer favorites… blooms start light red the first year and then get deeper each year.

Everyone wants to be the first in their neighborhood with a bright red crape myrtle.
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All our crapemyrtles are grown with multi-stems (3 stems miniumn)

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