An excellent choice for quick screens, hedges and groupings, especially on large properties.
Seeing too much of your neighbors?
Block out those unsightly eyesores, the neighbors,
the wind, and the noise with Leylands for privacy.
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Leyland Cypress
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The Leyland Cypress is a handsome, fast growing evergreen that is used extensively in the Southeast . This rapidly growing
landscape evergreen has fine, feathery, soft-green pointed needles and keeps its foliage year round. This popular landscaping tree
grows well in many southeastern states and is sustainable in plant hardiness zones 6-10. It is an excellent choice for privacy screens,
hedges, groupings, noise abatement and even as Christmas trees. Leyland cypress is a hybrid of two Pacific Coast species, Monterey
cypress and the Alaska-cedar.

Leyland Cypress Trees grow so fast, within a few years you will have full privacy. These fast growing privacy evergreen trees
offer you year-round seclusion if planted 6-ft. apart. They also make a great noise buffer and do best in full sun.

No pruning or shearing is needed for full, even growth! Leyland Cypress grow in a uniform pyramidal shape,  The Leyland
Cypress Tree takes the heat and does well in any soil from sandy to heavy clay. This is only one of the reasons they are the most
popular evergreen trees available.

Soft to the touch – Leyland Cypress Trees are green year around.
The graceful, pyramidal shape lends itself well to many landscape uses. The Leyland Cypress can be impressive as a single evergreen
tree or plant them in rows for a full privacy barrier.
Leyland Cypress is the fastest growing evergreen tree in the world. Leylands were first planted in
South Carloina as far back as 1941.
Leyland x Cypress
1 gal. size - 3 Feet +
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Leyland x Cypress
3 gal. size - 4 to 5 Feet
1 to 4 @ $54.95 ea.
buy 5 to 11 @ $46.75 ea.
buy 12 or more @ $42.85 ea.
Leyland x Cypress
5 gal. size - 6 Feet +
1 to 4 @ $87.95 ea.
buy 5 to 11 @ $74.85 ea.
buy 12 or more @ $71.25 ea.
Leyland x Cypress
7 gal. size - 6 to 7 Feet
1 tree @ $168.95 ea.
buy 2 to 11 @ $143.50 ea.
buy 12 or more @ $130.00 ea.
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Leyland Cypress SPRING Special
1 qt. size - 18 to 24 inch
30 or more @ $5.95 ea.
These are very well rooted strong little trees!
We ship FREE fertlilzer tablets with our
Murray Cypress. We think this will give
our customers a big head-start to that
nice full Privacy screen they are looking
for! Tablets ship with 1gal. size and up.
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