Makes a living exclamation point in the landscape!  Even the
smallest of spaces can accommodate this excellent and
durable holly.

Effective as a single specimen or dense, narrow hedge.

Well suited for urban gardens and smaller spaces which
demand a strong vertical accent.

Excellent for formal spaces or foundation plantings.

Make nice container plants.
It is very slender, densely branched shrubs -- one of my reference
books describes it as "telephone pole oriented." The leaves are very
nice, dark shiny green; it will produce berries if there is a male holly
plant nearby to pollinate it. The plants will eventually reach 6 to 8
feet in height, but less than a foot wide.

In general, Japanese hollies prefer light, well drained soil that is
slightly acidic; they can adapt to either sun or shade conditions.

Sky pencils can be planted in the ground as a single specimen plant,
used as a hedge or screening plant, or used in containers
underplanted with annuals for a dramatic formal appearance.
3 to 4 ft. Trees

1 to 5 @ $48.95 ea.

6 to 25 @ $42.95 ea.

26 or more @ $38.95 ea.
Thuja Gardens
Sky Pencil
Effective as a single specimen or dense, narrow hedge.
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