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We ship FREE  fertlilzer tablets with our Thuja Green
Giants. We think this will give our customers a big
head-start to that nice full Privacy screen they are
looking for!
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Tablets ship with all orders
Grows 25 to 30 feet tall x 8 to 10 feet wide
Plant at least 4 feet off walls, fences, or
property lines.
Do you need a smaller tree that looks like a Thuja Green Giant but don't take up as much space?

Thuja Green Giant has a little Sister, She grows only 8 to 10 feet tall. This is a great tree for small yards or
planting under power lines.
Thuja Can Cans
Growing 8 to 10 feet Tall
to 4 feet wide.
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This video should give you a good idea what to
expect when ordering your Thujas from us.
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Thuja Gardens
Home of the Real McCoy
Be sure you get the real Thuja Green Giant
It's a rare hybrid cross between
(Thuja plicata x Thuja standishii)
All sizes in stock and ready to ship. All Thujas ship in the pots. When your trees arrive, take them out of box, remove the
plastic bags from the containers, stand them up and keep damp until planted.
What do you do when you want privacy from the neighbors and traffic, but you can’t afford a 10-foot
brick wall? Why, you plant a green, living wall instead. And the quickest means to achieving enclosure
is with
Thuja ‘Green Giant.’ America's choice Privacy tree!
Thuja Green Giant has become the
most desired privacy tree almost
overnight, and for many good reasons.

Our bestselling tree of all time.

The 'Thuja Green Giant' is a winner, it
brings life to your yard!

Order Early.... Be sure you get the trees you need.
Order now and they will be ribboned off with your
name....just tell us when to ship.
If you need a graceful fast growing evergreen tree, one that provides complete privacy from prying
eyes and noisy traffic, requires no coddling, is drought tolerant, and gives shelter to wintering birds, do
consider planting a hedge of Thuja ‘Green Giant.’ There just is not a better TREE!
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