Acer palmatum Emperor 1. An outstanding, fast-growing upright Japanese maple.
Excellent deep red foliage holds even better than Acer Bloodgood!. Strong, hardy and
easy to grow. Its 20-25' mature height makes it an excellent street tree or small yard
specimen tree.

The Emperor 1 Japanaese Maple,  is often called Red Emperor. This tree will not
disappoint you. It leaves out about two weeks later than most other Japanese Maples
giving it the benefit of less spring frost damage. The growth rate is very good, and in the
spring the leaves are a stunning dark purple; fall color is a brilliant crimson red. Emperor 1
is very similar to 'Bloodgood' with a vigorous, upright growth, but this tree has a lighter
almost translucent quality to the leaves. It requires full sun in the northern areas, and
afternoon shade in the southern states. It is best to feed it once a year with a slow release
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