The Satomi Dogwood, Cornus kousa 'Satomi', produces deep pink flowers that covers the horizontal spreading branches in
April to May. This Japanese selection will make an elegant specimen tree. It is very hardy and flowers later than other dogwoods. You
will most assuredly note its spectacular not-at-all white color, which is more like popsicle pink. This kousa blooms not only in a
different color, but at a different time; about a month after every other dogwood is through. Being very hardy and disease resistant,

Satomi Dogwood
prefers full sun to light shade with a well-drained, somewhat acidic soil. Satomi will produce pink-red fruits that
appear in autumn.

Beautiful as a specimen tree,lawn tree,or in mixed plantings.  
Miss‘Satomi’ Dogwood is a pink-flowered variety of
the Korean Dogwood.
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Miss Satomi Dogwood
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Outstanding Qualities

This disease resistant selection of pink flowering
dogwood is a great replacement for more
problem-prone cultivars. In June white flushed pink
buds open and quickly become a rich rose-pink. The
bright color stands out against the clean green leaves
and will last longer than earlier flowering dogwood
blooms. This beautiful small to medium sized tree
develops a graceful layered branching pattern that
shows the flowers off well. In late summer
strawberry-like fruits hang from the branches followed
by handsome red and orange fall color.
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