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'Armstrong' Red Maple
This is an excellent choice for the narow spaces or
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Armstrong red maple is a fast-growing, upright tree, reaching a height of 40 to
50 feet with a 10 to 18 foot spread, and has very attractive silver-gray bark.
Planting Zones 4 to 9

As a columnar deciduous tree, this maple is thought of as a hybrid between red and silver maple. Its
leaves are 5-lobed and deeply cut, with more of the leaf shape associated with silver maple. Leaf
margins are incised, and serrated. Over-all the leaves appear star shaped. They are 2”-4” in diameter.
Red spring flowers give rise to samara seed pods in the fall. Fall color is not as good as true red maples
cultivars, such as the ever popular ‘Red Sunset’.

The narrow spread of Armstrong maple makes it suitable for areas with limited horizontal space such
as a planting site close to a building, or in narrow planting strips between streets and sidewalks. As
with red maples, this variant can withstand wet soils.
Why take a chance with bare-root trees?
Ours ship in the containers,not bareroot.
When they arive, just take them out of the box and
keep them watered until ready to plant...
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'Armstrong' Maple
4 to 5 feet 1 tree @ $39.95
buy 2 or more @ $29.95 ea.

6 to 7 feet 1 tree @ $65.95
buy 2 or more @ $39.50 ea.
Dig your planting holes 16 inches round x 12 inches
deep. Add 3 inches of mulch and water in heavy to get
any air pockets out.